A Thousand Petals Shangri-la – Sharing Information

A Thousand Petals Shangri-la believes the more we share positive information with others, the more we benefit in our journey for Peace.

There is an endless amount of alternative options out there for those who are searching for answers.  We believe the more we share options the more people will be able to help themselves.  Being able to look outside the box is key in life.  It isn’t one tradition any more; there are thousands of ways to help ourselves now.

We are grateful for having options in our lives and we are prepared to share many with you.

In healing your body, mind and soul, we want to be able to provide information that will not only help you, but will help bring you comfort.

A Thousand Petals Shangri-la believes that our Gift of our senses are very important to stimulate.  We will share with you ideas with this in mind.

On Facebook, there is a page titled “Reiki Guide”; we highly recommend it to you for free Reiki Tips.  On their page, they have other informative posts for you to search.

We thought we would share with you some information on Chakra’s, as in finding balance in life requires acknowledgment of our Chakra’s and how they can affect our lives if they are blocked.

We hope you enjoy these pictures and we thank Reiki Guide for encouraging their followers along the way.

A Thousand Petals Shangri-la will continue to support and share other information from other pages as we continue our Journey.


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