A Thousand Petals Shangri-la – Plans for the Future

A Thousand Petals Shangri-la  has made some positive changes which we are excited about!  We are going on the road during the Spring and Summer months!

We are going to be updating our blog on a daily basis, sharing this experience with you.  Preparing for this journey and planning will be shared in hopes to inspire others to share their own gifts.

Bringing relaxation and peace to those with Reiki will be our Journey.

Giving our clients, students, friends and family an opportunity to share their stories in finding Reiki.

Bringing Peace and comfort to animals with Reiki will be a focus as well – Love Our Pets!

Sharing energy, good vibes, Peace, and joy to others in a form of relaxation and helping those who are struggling with stress to see there in an alternative option to helping themselves by learning Reiki.

In our World today, we need to share as much positive influence to those suffering so that they can help themselves to find their way.

This is a very exciting time for us!

Love and Light!



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