A Thousand Petals Shangri-la is Sharing Good Vibes Only!

I have always said, “if you listen to at least 10% of what someone is sharing with you, then you have gained so much wisdom just by listening.” The same goes with my blog; I find by sharing Good Vibes, if 10% can learn and share then another 10% will learn and receive some Good […]

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A Thousand Petals Shangri-la Paradise on Earth

Shangri-la is often referred to as “Paradise On Earth” – what a beautiful thought to be able to say we all live in a Paradise on Earth!  Quite the Concept!

To live in Paradise, to some, would mean an island with sandy beaches and the bluest waters.  Paradise on Earth could be just where you are right now – I believe the first step is to create your own Paradise in your home and in your mind.

A Thousand Petals Shangri-la provides a Paradise which you can escape too; one that focuses on calming the mind.  Our Minds should be the first area of Paradise we can escape too.

With Creative Visualization courses which we offer, you will find having a positive focus in your lives will provide you with the tools to create your very own Paradise.

Finding Peace in our environment is so very important in the World we live today; we need to help one another, support each other, and encourage others with Acts of Kindness.  It is time we all hold on too each other, love each other, and share a positive life with each other; this will also help to create the Paradise on Earth which we all deserve to have in our lives.





A Thousand Petals Shangri-la…The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra!

A Thousand Petals represents the Crown Chakra – which is generally considered to be the state of pure consciousness.  

I am attaching a very interesting link which I found at http://www.chopra.com 

I found this article to be the best!


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